Become A Steak Connoisseur And Impress People

Ever feel a little down when you hear sophisticated friends talking about their favorite cheeses, wines or cigars? They are quite often the life of the party because others perceive of them as urbane, cosmopolitan. If you are a meat and potatoes sort of person, you may believe there is not much to add to their seemingly high-brow conversations. Well, think again. With a little knowledge, you can converse intelligently about the best cuts of steak in the world. Folks will marvel at your insights.

To get started, check out this list of some of the best international steaks, and then head out to the nearest butcher shop that offers a wide meat selection. Maybe you will be the life of the next party with your deep ruminations on steak quality.


This country is second in the world in terms of beef production, falling only behind the mighty United States. Cattle in Brazil are a different breed than those found in the North; consequently, the cuts are different. For example, meat lovers can enjoy a nice slice of cupim, which comes from the zebu cow. Anyone who has watched Rei de Gado (King of Beef), the famous Brazilian soap opera, probably wondered why the cows had a hump on the back. That is the tender cupim, a Brazilian delicacy. Cupim is often served as part of the rodizio, all-you-can-eat, meat menu at Brazilian-style restaurants. 


Asado, the Argentinean barbecue technique, saves the natural flavor of the meat. Cooks take a boneless Lombo steak and throw it on a wood-fired grill made of volcanic stone. The meat is slowly cooked over hours so that there is a slight smoky taste. Many people prefer this cooking method over the American barbecue style that creates a more overpowering smoke flavor.


Americans often underestimate the quality of their own meat; however, this leading food producer also has some of the best beef available. Most prominent is the succulent ribeye steak, with its familiar large swath of fat. It is this fat that exudes the flavor that makes ribeye is so popular.


Do not forget the Japanese wagyu. This grain-fed breed delivers some of the thinnest cuts of steak available. Wagyu comes with very a high percentage of beneficial Omega fats. Scientists have found that this fatty acid has potential health benefits, including greater concentration and memory. So, eat wagyu and feel smarter!

Become an Official Steak Connoisseur Today

Now that you know more about the best steak varieties, it is time try some out. Just contact a local butcher shop about their retail selection and wild game processing. The staff should be familiar with all of these cuts and will know which they have available.

Then, discuss your new knowledge at the next party and put the wine, cigar and cheese aficionados in their places.

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Ever feel a little down when you hear sophisticated friends talking about their favorite cheeses, wines or cigars? They are quite often the life of th